What Is Trespa Pura NFC Siding?

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Trespa Pura is an award winning architectural cladding product that was developed as a low maintenance siding solution for both residential and light commercial projects. Trespa Pura offers a wide range of wood décor colors. Because of their unique process, they look like real wood, but without the typical maintenance requirements of real wood.




Not surprisingly, architects and design professionals throughout the world are familiar with Trespa claddings. Trespa International has been producing high quality architectural cladding solutions and supplying them worldwide since 1960. Over the years, Trespa has earned a well-deserved reputation for high quality and high-performance cladding. But what is Trespa Pura?


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If you prefer a painted look over a real wood look, no problem. Trespa also has a Uni Colors collection. These affordable solid color options can be used to replace the look of painted wood. Like the wood decors, the Uni Color decors never need to be painted or refinished.


Trespa RESIDENTIAL  Projects Portfolio   DOWNLOAD TODAY

Download The Trespa Pura Residential Projects Collection For Siding Inspiration

Although Pura is a premium cladding solution, it is exceptionally budget friendly for many designs and project uses. And that’s just the up-front costs for materials and low-cost installation. Trespa Pura installs easily with hidden fasteners for secure attachment and a sleek design.



When it comes to the long-term, lifetime benefits of Trespa Pura include:

  • Curb-appeal looks and extraordinarily low life-cycle costs.
  • No painting or re-painting needed. Ever.
  • Graffiti? No problem. Wipe, wipe, bye-bye.
  • Caulking? Not needed.

Trespa Pura performs the way you want your cladding to. It is highly durable and covers you fully with a 10-year warranty. Yes, that is correct. Trespa Pura is fully covered for replacement materials. Some manufacturers offer ‘warranties’ that look fantastic - until you read all the fine print and find that it is ‘pro-rated’ and effectively covers you for 3 years.  

With Trespa, you can rest assured that you are covered properly. And that’s just the beginning. We have seen projects over twenty years old that look as good as the day they were installed.

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Choose your décor. Design and build to your heart’s content. Enjoy the accolades for a beautiful project that meets your needs or your client’s needs, beautifully.


Pura NFC by Trespa COMMERCIAL  Projects Portfolio: DOWNLOAD HERE

Download The Trespa Pura Commercial Projects Collection For Siding Design Ideas


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