3 Steps To Easy Outdoor Living Deck Design

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An outdoor room is more than a deck.    

It is an extension of your living space that brings the comfort of the indoors, outdoors. It should be quality, look fantastic, and all about you.


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For some of us, the outdoors beckons everyday. Beautiful weather, nature and neighborhoods are our favorite backdrop. If this sounds like you, Mataverde can help with amazing outdoor room design ideas. We have lots of inspiration to get some great deck ideas for outdoor rooms and more:


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Here's 3 easy steps to get you dream deck project started:


Step 1. Choose the wood decking species that will give you the best look and longevity for your budget.

It's important to first consider the lumber for your outdoor room. The wood you choose can determine your project's eventual return on investment. No matter what your design plans are, hardwoods make them long-lasting and low-maintenance. Here are four quality choices we suggest at Mataverde.


Ipe ( pronounced "E' - pay",)

Ipe is a beautiful and extremely high density hardwood species. Ipe hardwood decking is so resistant to fungal decay and termites that it has become the benchmark material for all exterior hardwoods. Ipe wood is a naturally hard, highly durable and scratch resistant wood, which is why it is the top choice for high traffic projects.


Ipe hardwood decking


Cumaru (pronounced "KOO'-ma-roo")

Cumaru wood has distinctly dramatic colors and beautiful exotic graining qualities and is one of the reasons it is so popular. Mataverde Cumaru decking is all heartwood and ranges in coloration from a yellowish brown to reddish browns to a nearly purplish cordovan color that is spectacular. 


Cumaru hardwood decking


Machiche  (pronounced "Mah-CHEE'-chay")

A 100% FSC® certified high density hardwood decking material which is sustainably harvested and affordably priced, Machiche is a beautiful hardwood with similar characteristics to Ipe hardwood. And, much like Ipe, Machiche decking will age gracefully to a mellow silvery patina if left to weather naturally. 


Machiche hardwood decking


Garapa (pronounced "gah-RAH'-pah")

The gorgeous golden colors and lighter tones makes Garapa hardwood a popular exterior wood option.  Enhance the beauty of your deck or outdoor room with a with a warm, natural look. The lower cost of Garapa also makes it a very affordable decking choice as an outdoor room material. 


Garapa sample titled


Looking for the best decking material for your project?

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Step 2. How will you be using your outdoor room? 


Do you have a "green thumb"?  Why not surround yourself with nature by including built in planters and a pergola with arbors. Flowers and greenery will abound in warm weather and create a serene and fragrant escape.


hardwood deck


Do you host the best parties in the neighborhood? Design an outdoor kitchen to bring your trusty grill and smoker in from that lonely corner of the yard, and put it under a shady pergola instead.


Ipe deck with outdoor kitchen and pergola





Step 3. How large, or how cozy, is the space for your outdoor living space?


If you like separate areas for various activities, plan your space requirements accordingly.

hardwood deck with multi level outdoor room areas

A multiple level deck with separate areas for cooking, seating, dining and after dinner drinks is ready for big and small gatherings. Add a wood covered ceiling and outdoor fireplace, a balcony for the view and you can host the whole extended family.


Ipe decking and outdoor room

Build a natural wood outdoor room around the pool, or an apres-swim area by your personal 'beachfront'. Include an outdoor shower with a shelf for swim towels for convenience. Put your feet up, and keep your cold drink on beverage-friendly railings.


Knowing the answers to these three questions are the first steps on the path to your personal deck and outdoor room. Make your design about your home and your style. We are here to partner with you, your architect or your construction professional on the next phase. Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.


We have more resources for your outdoor room planning

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