Budget Friendly Wood Siding Alternatives for Your Next Project

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swatt meiers machiche rainscreen sidingBeautiful, natural FSC Certified Machiche siding is a show stopper, and surprisingly affordable.


Are you experiencing a budget crunch on your next wood siding project? Contractors and homeowners are all keenly aware of external forces causing siding material prices to rise. Premium wood siding choices are no exception. How will you choose a siding material that meets your design needs and your budget needs? Take a look at these premium hardwood material choices, and a premium wood look alternative, to help you make the most of your siding costs.

Pura NFC Siding by Trespa pricing compared to wood siding

GW Compare siding prices 2022 (2).png?width=940&height=788&name=GW Compare siding prices 2022 (2)A quick visual to compare the price range of these alternatives to Ipe and Cedar


Architects and property owners are looking for wood siding that meets their design goals and are durable. Ipe and Western Red Cedar are two top wood siding choices.

Preferred for its long-lasting strength and exotic beauty, Ipe tropical hardwood is considered the standard in durability. The lovely brown tones and interesting grain patterns make it a classic wood siding choice.

Loved for its warm red tones, Western Red Cedar wood siding have been iconic for decades and often specified in exterior designs.

And why not? There’s good reasons Ipe and Cedar are so commonly used. But are they right for your project's budget? And are there other options that have the same features?


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Which wood sidings are affordable but also strong and long lasting?

How can you find a budget friendly siding alternative that won't give up the benefits of Ipe wood and Western Red Cedar? First, consider the prices and features of Ipe and Cedar:

Ipe wood siding is the standard in strength, longevity, and durability for all wood siding material options. The quality of Ipe also puts it top of the price range for wood siding. Ipe wood siding is certainly worth the price, but may not be right for every budget. In an alternative, you might be looking similar high density fiber strength, decay and insect resistance, and color, at a lower upfront investment.

Western Red Cedar's good looks are iconic in exterior design. Popular and attractive, but price and availability fluctuate unpredictably. Also, today's Western Red Cedar tends to be knotty with tones from reds to browns, unlike the clear Cedar boards decades past. In an alternative, you might be looking for a similar reddish brown range and grain pattern, maybe with more tone consistency, that's readily available at a lower upfront cost. 

If so, two natural wood siding choices to look at are FSC Certified Machiche hardwood or Garapa hardwood. With these two wood species, you can still choose premium hardwood siding and get similar properties and strengths to Ipe hardwood. 

machiche_rain_screen_wood_siding_installation_is_100%_pure_fsc_certified_wood_sidingNatural Machiche wood siding with an oil finish has rich, chocolate tones that give it luxurious looks.

To see award winning projects and get inspiration using Machiche or Garapa siding, and other wood rainscreen, download the free wood rainscreen siding project portfolios now:

FSC Certified Machiche wood siding

Machiche gives you a wood siding choice that has similar coloring to Ipe and the coveted brown toes and figuring of an exotic hardwood. Machiche also has similar high density hardwood benefits to Ipe at a lower upfront cost.

  • Beautiful exotic figuring and patterns
  • Rich, chocolate-brown tones
  • Certified sustainably harvested natural exotic hardwood siding
  • Exceptional decay resistance
  • Exceptional insect damage resistance
  • High stability, won't cup, check or warp easily
  • Weathers to a silver patina without losing strengths


The beautiful colors of Machiche siding look - and perform - beautifully even on stormy days.

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Garapa wood siding

When you choose Garapa, with its lighter golden tones, for your wood siding you get similar benefits of other hardwood choices. And at the most affordable hardwood price point. Though Garapa is the lowest fiber density of the hardwood siding materials, it is denser and more resistant to damage than cedar or other softwood siding materials. You still get the naturally high strength (Garapa is 2 times stronger than oak) of hardwood siding material.

  • Beautiful exotic figuring and patterns
  • Beautiful golden tones to medium brown tones
  • Exceptional decay resistance
  • Very high insect damage resistance
  • High stability, won't cup, check or warp easily
  • Weathers to a silver patina without losing strengths

FSC Garapa rainscreen siding high quality craftsmanshipGarapa rainscreen wood siding on this architectural detail shows just how versatile, and impressive, Garapa can be in your next project.


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For more information on Machiche, Garapa, and other wood rainscreen siding options,

download our Ultimate Guide to Wood Rainscreen here.


Trespa Pura NFC cladding Tropical Ipe decorPura Ipe Wood Décor has a uniform color range and realistic wood grain look that raises the impact architectural elements.


HPL laminate exterior siding versus natural Ipe or Western Red Cedar wood siding

When Ipe and Western Red Cedar are out just out of budget, but you need a close match in color and looks, Trespa HPL Laminate siding material rides to the rescue.

Why Pura NFC by Trespa over lower end wood look siding alternatives? The high strength, for one.

Pura NFC siding wood decors:

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For more information and ideas using Pura NFC siding by Trespa, check out these free resouces:


Trespa Pura Ipe Wet wood decor PW17078

Pura Ipe Wood Decor looks more like real Ipe wood

Western Red Cedar Pura NFC siding by Trespa wood decor

Pura Western Red Cedar Wood Decor rivals real Cedar.


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Don’t try this at home with vinyl or fiber cement! Or any siding except Pura NFC by Trespa.


Pura NFC siding wood decors are a stupendous value

Since it's possible to keep the low maintenance and high quality of wood siding with Pura NFC, does it makes budget-friendly sense for your project? If it might, you won't need to limit the choice to Ipe and Western Red Cedar wood decors.


Pura Trespa Mystic Cedar and stone entryway Naragansett CrookPura NFC siding in Mystic Cedar wood decor adds an instant weathered look from day one - and keeps its good looks for many years.

All of the Pura wood decors offer the same great benefits no matter what color you choose. And with the same pricing for all the colors, Pura wood decors give you a very high value from Oak to Ebony. 


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Pura NFC Siding wood decors-1

If this article has helped you with siding material alternatives and you want to know more, please contact our team for pricing and next steps. We are here to help. 

Looking for more information about Pura NFC siding by Trespa? Download the free project portfolios:



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