How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Deck for Entertaining

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When winter months make way for spring, it's a perfect opportunity to start thinking about backyard entertaining ideas and giving your backyard a makeover. Whether you’re considering a larger wood deck, an outdoor kitchen, or even a pool, check out some of these ideas for the ultimate backyard deck home improvement projects.


Ipe deck with walkway and dog

Small garden escape or wrap around outdoor entertainment space, your deck design can be amazing no matter your entertaining style and budget. 


First Step to Building a Backyard Deck: Organize Your Finances

The biggest obstacle many run into when looking to expand their living space outdoors is figuring out how to get the funds to make their backyard deck everything they want it to be.

Start by planning what aspects of your backyard deck are most important to you to prioritize your spending. For example, if entertaining a lot of guests is your plan, then a large wood deck is optimal for enough space to gather. 


Cumaru hardwood backyard deck with stairs and railing

Cumaru hardwood is a natural beauty with superior strength and rot resistance.


Large deck projects can get expensive, so in order to ensure you are planning correctly for your finances, compare decking options and prices to determine what’s the best choice for you. Lay out a budget to decipher where your money will be allocated to.


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If you’re looking for ways to add some more cash into your pockets, look into a home equity line of credit. Utilizing your home’s equity this way gives you funds as you need them for your decking project and even has lower interest rates than a credit card.



Gorgeous Ipe wood is known for high density hardness that stands up to pet claws and furniture legs without scratching.


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hardwood deck

Golden-toned Garapa is a perfect choice for affordable high density hardwood in your deck design.



Hot Deck Design Idea: Master the Outdoor Kitchen

Adding a wood deck to your home exterior will give your outdoor kitchen the foundation it needs to be long lasting and comfortable to use, on top of adding significant value to your home. When building an outdoor kitchen, keep in mind the best decking material for the purpose.


Ipe deck with outdoor kitchen and pergola

The natural light to brown tones of exotic Ipe decking lends a designer look when extended to outdoor kitchen cabinet fronts. 


Hardwood decking materials like Ipe wood, Cumaru wood, FSC Certified Machiche wood, Jatoba (or Brazilian Cherry) wood, or Garapa wood decking are recommended by decking experts. These hardwood decking materials are durable in all weather and extremely scratch resistant when using heavy appliances and grills.


Untitled design (8)


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Once you have decided on the design, size, material, and finish of your deck, you can choose which appliances and grills will fit your vision best. Look into finding outdoor countertops and islands that will sustain the elements, so you won’t have to make any costly repairs next year if you live in a four-season state.


hardwood deck with outdoor kitchen

Entertaining is easy on a hardwood deck that is low maintenance and hard to damage.


By creating an outdoor kitchen, you can save yourself money in more ways than one while creating a great space to entertain guests as you cook. Utilizing this space can lead to a lower energy bill and even add value to your home.


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Designing a Deck as a Versatile Outdoor Room:


Ipe deck outdoor room and outdoor kitchen

A multi-level outdoor great room combines an outdoor kitchen, seating and entertaining areas, and even a second-level balcony seating area.


Having a large deck is a terrific opportunity for families to host large gatherings and enjoy more time outdoors. Add-ons to your deck project could be a pool, a hot tub, or an outdoor projector for a movie night that your kids are sure to love. 


Untitled design (7)
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Bringing movies outside is a fun way to bond with your family or unwind with your partner. Reserve a space on your deck that’s easy to transform into an outdoor oasis by adding extra cushions, pillows, and blankets for ultimate relaxation. Invest in an outdoor wrinkle-free screen and a projector to make your backyard stand out from others in your area.



Hardwood pergolas are sturdy and make a space feel separate, cozy, and are great family gathering area, too.



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Making a Splash with Your Deck Design

Planning a pool or hot tub is another guaranteed summer favorite for everyone in the family. When deciding on these types of features, be sure to pick decking materials that will last, even with extra exposure to water and sun.

ipe deck pool cape cod

Natural hardwood wood lets you design deck features like curves without worrying about checks and splinters over time.


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Materials such as Mataverde Premium Ipe Decking can last up to 40–50 years when cared for properly and is frequently used in wet environments such as boardwalks. Other premium hardwoods like Ipe wood, Cumaru wood, FSC Certified Machiche wood, Jatoba (or Brazilian Cherry) wood, or Garapa wood make excellent decking around pools. The incredible strength of hardwoods also make the prefect choice under hot tubs and other heavy load deck features.


Ipe deck and benches with heavy load hot tub

Hot tubs are heavy and need special consideration in a deck design, but can add a lot of enjoyment to your space.

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Do your Wood Deck Ideas include Built in Seating?

When picking out the right outdoor seating for your space, consider picking comfortable furniture that is appropriate for the activities you will be doing in your yard, taking your local climate into consideration. 



This Cumaru deck with built in benches provide the perfect, sunny spot to entertain by the water.


One practical and good-looking deck design idea is to use same hardwood decking material, like Machiche or Garapa, for built in deck seating. It’s not only easier on the wallet, but its durability makes it more resistant to unwanted scratches from your table and chairs, harsher weather and otherwise normal wear and tear. And nothing to bring in and store off-season.


Ipe hardwood deck with built-in seating, planters and privacy screening

Hardwood deck with matching built in planters, seating, and privacy wall, plus soft lighting, flowers, and trees creates a pretty amazing entertaining space.


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For your outdoor kitchen or dining area, find a table not only big enough for your family, but for your guests as well. Adding a wood pergola can provide shade to your deck design and visually separate the dining space into a cozy retreat. And don’t be afraid to add some plush cushions and storage containers to keep your deck looking welcoming and neat year-round.



Wood pergolas can be used as arbors, a dining area, and a relaxation spot all at once. 

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When you’re putting the final changes on your backyard deck plans, keep these questions in mind:

  • What wood decking materials match best with your intentions for the space?
  • How will you incorporate an outdoor kitchen area or large entertaining space?
  • How can you maximize your deck design with built in furniture or features?

We hope this article gave you valuable tips on designing your back deck. We want you to feel confident the investment into your deck will be long lasting and worth it. Contact our team if you have questions or are ready to price your deck project.



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