Stylish Hardwood Decking Ideas For Your Home

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With natural aesthetic beauty, long-lasting durability, and all-round affordability, a stylish hardwood deck adds character and definition to your home or deck design. Hardwood decking gives you the opportunity to customize your outdoor living space with a natural wood, adding an extra dimension and your own personality, while increasing the value of your home.

So be creative and don’t just restrict your living space to the inside of your home. With seemingly endless potential, your outside decking can be a space to relax, dine, or entertain. It can become a key part of your home, where special memories are made.


ipe-rooftop-deck-and-planters-organic-gardener-538282-edited-1An Ipe hardwood deck in NYC with built in seating and planters, giving nature-inspired privacy above the city street.


Need some inspiration? Here are just a few ideas for how you can add a little bit of style and class to your decking.  


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Add A Wood Pergola To Your Deck

An inspired addition to your decking, a pergola adds so much to your outdoor living space. Offering protection from the elements, it enables you to create a beautiful shaded area for plants. Also, incorporating a pergola to your decking area means you can use the space to entertain guests or to create a dining area, without having to worry about the burn of the summer sun.


Ipe hardwood pergolaAn Ipe hardwood pergola on the deck adds a welcome space to relax any time of day.


Build your pergola using a quality natural hardwood such as Ipe, Garapa or Machiche, and you’ll enjoy a strong, low-maintenance, beautiful addition to your outside space for many years to come.


Add A Hardwood Rooftop Deck

Whether you’re in the city or the country, a rooftop deck can transform your living space and, quite literally, take it to the next level. If you live in the country, with picturesque, panoramic views, a stylish rooftop deck gives your home a tranquil space to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you’re in the suburbs, your rooftop deck can take you above the hustle and bustle of the street below, giving you a beautiful view of the neighborhood.


Ipe hardwood rooftop deck with waterfall shower

Rooftop deck with waterfall outdoor shower for dips in the hot tub in warm weather.


Rooftop decks will most certainly add an extra dimension to your home. They  require special planning, the right materials and proper installation. So, make sure you go to the experts when it comes to planning and installing your rooftop decking!


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Choose Natural Hardwood for Outdoor Furniture

Your natural hardwood deck will look stunning and will only get better with age. So, it’s important to choose furniture that complements the natural, organic beauty of your decking material. Muted wood colors maintain that sophisticated yet rustic feel. Continue the beauty of your deck with custom furniture made using the same Ipe or Machiche hardwood as your deck. 


Ipe hardwood bench and dining table An Ipe hardwood outdoor dining area incorporates wood tables and benches for versatility.


Incorporate Stylish Railings

No decking is complete without the addition of a railing system. It’s crucial to add the finishing touches to your deck by choosing something that complements its unique style and design, as well as something that can withstand the elements and pass the test of time.


Ipe and Garapa Deck with Ipe Railing SystemAn Ipe railing system with solar post lights adds to the look of any deck. 


So, for your stylish new deck, opt for a natural hardwood like Ipe for your decking. Ipe is one of the most durable natural species of wood on the planet, looks incredible and ages like a dream. Other gorgeous and durable options are Garapa and Machiche.

When it comes to the design, use your imagination and get creative. Check out our project galleries here and share your ideas with a design professional who can add a touch of class to your hardwood deck design and make it a reality.

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