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Compare Ipe Decking to Other Wood Decking such as Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Decking


Mataverde Premium Ipe hardwood decking is an all natural, sustainable decking material that totally outshines red cedar decking and pressure treated decking materials on virtually every measurable performance rating. From a durability and performance standpoint, Ipe and other hardwood decking materials beat softwood decking by a wide margin. See how this remarkable hardwood decking species compares to red cedar and pressure treated decking in the "Ipe Decking versus Softwood Decking" comparison chart below. 



What happens to wood decking after 15 years? The true story is amazing. Watch how Ipe hardwood decking outlasts all other wood decking species. Watch the short video of our on-site testing here.

Comparison Chart

Mataverde Ipe Decking vs Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Decking

As you can see in the chart below, Ipe high density hardwood decking beats red cedar decking and pressure treated decking handily when comparing density, strength of decking materials, splintering and many more criteria.





 Real wood product   Yes  Yes Yes
 Sustainably harvested material Yes  Yes Yes
 Low Maintenance   Yes  No No
 25 Year Warranty   Yes  No No
 Insect Resistance   Yes  No No
 Rot Resistance   Yes  No No
 Cupping   Low  Med. High  
 Splitting   Low  Med. High  
 Warping   Low  Med. High  
 Checking   Low  Med. High  
 Splintering Low  Med High  
 Heat Retention   Low  Low Low
 Stability   High Med Med
 Strength High Med Med
 Span Capacity High Med Med
 Density High Low Med
 Initial Decking cost  Moderate-High Moderate Low
 Life Cycle cost / SF / year   Low High   High  

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