Ipe Decking Alternates: Why Consider FSC Certified Machiche Wood?

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You may already know that Ipe wood is the standard to which all other wood decking material is compared. But when your building project budget calls for a decking material price point that Ipe doesn’t meet, it turns out you don’t have to compromise much at all. Meet Machiche hardwood decking.

FSC Machiche hardwood deck with dining and entertainment spaceMachiche hardwood is a beautiful choice when building a deck, for both its good looks and its durability. 


Among the few excellent alternatives to Ipe hardwood that are available, one stand-out decking product you may not have seen is FSC Certified Machiche lumber. Ma- what? Not familiar with Machiche hardwood? First off, it is pronounced mah-CHEE-chay. Try saying it out loud. It sounds like a celebration. Mah-CHEE-chay! Go ahead, say it again, I won’t tell anyone. Feels pretty good already, doesn’t it?

Machiche boasts a similar appearance and benefits to Ipe decking. If you are an architect, deck builder, or property owner, don’t overlook the value of Machiche decking any longer.


vaughn_machiche_deck-1Machiche decking warms and contrasts with this modern cement design and creates a more comfortable, natural wood walking area on the pool deck.


Why Should I Consider Machiche Wood Decking Material?

Once they choose Machiche for a decking project, design professionals and deck builders often choose Machiche hardwood again, and again. And you can, too. Here are a few reasons to consider Machiche hardwood decking. Machiche gives your project:

  • Comparable strength to Ipe wood. Machiche measures twice as hard as oak, which is 80% of the hardness level of Ipe.
  • High bending strength. Notably, Machiche wood has a higher bending strength than Ipe!
  • Comparable natural longevity to Ipe, and far surpasses the lifetime use of pressure-treated lumber, softwoods, or composites.
  • An upfront material cost below Ipe pricing, and still gives you a high return on investment over its lifetime.
  • Naturally insect and fungi resistance, no chemical treatment needed.
  • A stable decking lumber that is kiln-dried to a low moisture content, approximately 12-14%.
  • A naturally rich red- to chocolate-brown color range, no painting or staining needed.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Weathers to a silver-gray satiny patina naturally, if you choose, and without losing the inherent durability.

Machiche hardwood deckA This view of the Bay Area is even better from a natural Machiche rooftop deck.


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What Is FSC Machiche Hardwood?

Machiche is a natural hardwood that is 100% FSC® Certified (Forest Stewardship Council®), meaning this decking material is proven to be responsibly and sustainably harvested. Many architects, professional deck designers and property owners are specifying FSC Certified wood in their plans.


Is Machiche Wood a Good Choice for Decking?

For your decking project, you probably want a highly stable and durable decking material. Because of the naturally high density, Machiche is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant so it will withstand, foot traffic, patio furniture, kids, pets, whatever you put your deck surface through day-to-day. Machiche is also exceptional at weathering harsh climates and strong UV rays.

Machiche shows minimal movement and shrinkage after installation. The high-density fiber ensures a naturally high resistance to rot, insect damage, scratching and splintering. All this means less worry about callbacks, damage replacement, or repairs.


Machiche_wood_in_outdoor_architectural_design_projectMachiche is a stunning option in architectural deck design. 


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What Does a Machiche Wood Deck Look Like?

If you want your deck project to be the envy of the neighborhood on looks alone, definitely consider Machiche. Machiche boasts a medium grain, beautifully patterned and exotic, with interesting figuring. It ranges in color from reddish brown to chocolate brown, giving your deck a variety of color that only natural wood can give your project.

No staining or painting is necessary but applying a coat of a UV resistant sealer is a great idea to protect your investment as it seasons in place on your deck. Penofin hardwood formula sealer works very well for this.


mataverde_machiche_high_density_hardwood_deckingThis Machiche deck design features curves and benches. 



Is Machiche Wood a Low Maintenance Decking?

But what about over time? Will Machiche maintain its beauty? Yes, and you have two great maintenance options. (Actually, three.)

First, with a simple cleaning and reapplication of the oil finish as needed, Machiche will stay looking as gorgeous as the day it was installed. If your Machiche was pre-treated with a stain then the color can be kept up as needed, as well.

Second, if you choose the weathered deck look, the benefit is more than exceptionally low-maintenance needs. Machiche won’t just ‘gray out’, but age gracefully to a silvery-gray satiny finish. With its naturally high resistance to cupping, splintering, and checking, Machiche will not “ugly out” when it ages like many softwoods and pressure treated wood decking material can. Plus, Machiche will keep much of its overall graining and figuring while it silvers, so the patterns and beauty you love won’t disappear.


machiche_deck_at_hot_tub_and_cabanaA Machiche wood deck can withstand wind and weather as well as an Ipe decking and stay stunning. 


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Bonus: You can always change your mind! If you allow your deck to silver out but decide you want the “like-new’ look later, Machiche can be cleaned and sanded to bring out the reds and browns of the just-installed wood once again.

And the opposite is also possible: if you keep it like new for a few years but then later decide to allow it to silver out, you can still do that. All it takes is to stop applying the UV protectant oil finish.

Are you ready to consider FSC Certified Machiche wood decking material for your next deck project? If you want to see it for yourself, you can Request a Machiche Decking Sample here to start. Or contact our expert team for pricing your project or other questions. We can help you on the path to a beautiful Machiche deck.

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