Top Architecture Decking and Siding Trends to Consider in 2022

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Are you considering a home exterior project this year? Do you want to make sure your design adds value to your home? As the 2022 housing market shapes up, many sellers are realizing that, if they intend to sell in a couple of years or more, adding elements to their curb appeal and overall home appeal will make a big difference in the eventual buyers' market. New house siding and a new or updated backyard deck are two projects that top the list in exterior home design.


Pura NFC siding wood decorCombining wood décor siding and natural hardwood wood deck with the sweeping architectural elements and stone accents of this exterior design warms the overall look and makes it welcoming. Pura NFC siding wood decors. 


Top real estate agents are seeing signs that the market is beginning to cool, meaning that making a change to your home in line with current architectural trends could benefit both you and your family and a future home sale. Here are some top trends to consider.


Rooftop Decks

Where you have a flat, supported roof, you may currently be letting valuable real estate be wasted. Rooftop decks are growing in popularity, especially if they have an exceptional view or are in an area with temperate times of year.

file-2397617896-1Rooftop deck with a lap pool and spa-like outdoor shower? Sure, why not if your building structure can support it, and you use the right rooftop deck system. Ipe wood decking, Eurotec rooftop decking system.


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When you can't build out, build up. Hardwood rooftop decks let you add outdoor living and entertaining space where having a ground level deck isn't practical. In attached homes and urban setting, rooftop decks are in demand by home buyers. 


Ipe_rooftop_deckIndustrial chic never looked so cozy and inviting. Steps outside this urban penthouse, find an outdoor room with a kitchen, dining area, and even a swing. Ipe hardwood decking.


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Systems like the patented Mataverde Eurotec System let you use full length decking boards as part of a high-quality rooftop deck system to create a seamless look that is also ready to weather the direct sunlight and precipitation that comes with a rooftop deck.

eurotec detail with level

More reasons you might want to consider Eurotec is the aluminum profile that decreases the weight on the building structure, and the way it lets water and moisture escape from under your deck to preserve both your decking material and your roof surface. 

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vaughn machiche rooftop deck weatherd 2


Another great benefit to hardwood decking is that it can be left unfinished to weather to a silver gray patina, a very low maintenance option. And a weathered hardwood deck keeps the strength and durability hardwood is known for, unlike softwood decking. Machiche hardwood decking.


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deck garden rooftop

This rooftop was transformed into a sanctuary of greenery and relaxing spaces, surrounded by a wood privacy screen made of the same decking material to help you forget the city below. Ipe hardwood decking.


Backyard Decks

While backyard decks experienced a high level of demand during 2020 and 2021, people are continuing to appreciate when a deck is both functional and beautiful. Mataverde decking comes in a variety of hardwood options that can make a backyard deck both the ideal place to spend time with family.


Cumaru hardwood backyard deck with stairs and railing-1-2

Extend a home's living space by adding a deck to your back doors with steps to the yard and attractive wood decking. Cumaru hardwood decking. 


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ipe_deck_with_harbor_view-2-2Overlooking a harbor, this backyard deck gives a flat and spacious entertaining area on rocky, sandy property. Ipe hardwood decking. 



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Mataverde thermowood deck at pool areaHere a curved wood deck was created to follow the shape of the infinity pool for an absolutely stunning backyard space. Thermowood thermally modified Ash decking


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Backyard decks are an additional luxury amenity that draws in a buyer who might otherwise see the house on its own as not quite what they’re looking for. Consider multi-level backyard decks, partial covered or screened areas, and more to make your own backyard deck personalized.


hardwood deck with outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are popular with families who want to make their wood deck a useful, and often used, space. Ipe hardwood decking.


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marra poolhouse deck ipe

Pergolas add partial shade to your backyard deck and can be made of the same tough hardwood decking material for longevity and easy maintenance. Ipe hardwood decking.


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Innovations in Exterior Siding 

Sure, your home likely has siding now, but if you want to see the innovations that are making wood siding more valuable and great for the future, you should check out the available siding options. The latest siding materials can turn a home that looks great now into one that will completely wow and impress a future buyer, all while protecting your investment in the meantime.


Machiche rainscreen siding

Premium hardwood siding is a natural choice to contrast to stucco home accents, creating a luxurious exterior design. Machiche hardwood siding

Wood Rainscreen Siding

The many options for kinds of wood that can be used in rainscreen siding are just one of the benefits. Others benefits are that they are durable, long-lasting, and much more beautiful than artificial vinyl siding, making a home look like it is both in harmony with nature and made of beautiful, high-end materials.


Ipe hardwood rain screen system on modern barn-1

A modern farmhouse inspired home has a vertical hardwood siding design made possible by installing with a premium rainscreen siding system. Climate-Shield rainscreen system, Ipe hardwood siding.


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A well-designed wood rainscreen adds health benefits by minimizing the potential for mold and creates a safer environment within and outside the home. Health benefits appeal to more and more homeowners. A rainscreen system also minimizes potential damage to the siding and the entire home by eliminating the water.


Garapa hardwood rainscreen cladding

This home exterior was completely renovated with premium hardwood rainscreen siding to increase the value and keep it low maintenance. Garapa hardwood siding with Climate-Shield rainscreen siding system




Thermally Modified Hem Fir Siding and decking

A lodge ready to take on all weather with thermally modified Hemlock for a more affordable option to hardwoods, with many similar benefits. Used here in both the siding and the rooftop decking. Therma Wood thermally modified Hemlock, Climate-Shield rainscreen system


Pura NFC Siding

If you want a material that has all the durability and weather resistance of an HPL laminate combined with wood tone finishes, then Pura NFC is a wonderful option for you. Many homes that get their vinyl siding replaced simply hold value, while adding a premium siding material like Pura NFC, one can change the perception of the home, potentially leading to greater home value. 


Pura NFC siding remodel Romantic Walnut wood decor

In a contemporary home, a quality wood-look siding can increase your curb appeal with home buyers with a realistic look and color range that mimics real wood without the maintenance. Pura Romantic Walnut wood décor.


A huge feature in favor of sidings by Pura NFC by Trespa over vinyl and other "wood-look" siding is the incredible low-maintenance and the extremely high quality. Resistance to extreme weather, fading, damage and decay plus soap and water clean up makes Pura a frequent choice of architects and homeowners. 

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Pura siding Aged Ash wood decor in Tiburon, CA

Exterior design features can be wrapped in wood décors for a consistent color range and realistic grain look with easy maintenance. Siding your home to blend into the surroundings is a preferred design element by many architects. Pura Aged Ash wood décor.

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Pura NFC siding wood decor used with corrugated metal siding in Seattle

Mixing elements like metal and wood-look siding is gaining popularity in home exterior renovations, and calls for siding that looks better than flat vinyl. Pura Romantic Walnut wood décor.



Pura NFC Siding Slate Ebony wood decor

Black and gray siding colors for home designs are still big in 2022 and can give your renovated exterior a modern, fresh feeling even on a traditional style home. Pura Ebony Slate wood décor.


What is key to remember when choosing among architectural trends as you face remodeling, additions, and siding replacement is that you deserve to benefit from the investment you’re making in your home now, not just when you’re selling the home. The best ROI on all home remodels comes from the combination of getting the low-maintenance beauty and utility of these renovations yourself and later getting the benefit of a higher sales price on your home. Choose based on what you’ll love in the home you want to enjoy!

If you found valuable information here and want to know prices of materials or the first step to getting your project started, Contact our specialists here. We are here to help.


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