Ipe Boardwalk Graces Bolden Park Community

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Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Bolden Park is the hub of this picture-perfect master planned community in Riverside. The entire development is thoughtfully prepared. It fits flawlessly into the rich natural landscape of the surrounding area. And at the heart of all is Bolden Lake with its beautiful Ipe hardwood boardwalk.

View of Ipe boardwalk and Bolden Park from across the lake

View of Ipe boardwalk at Bolden Park from across the lake

The impressive boardwalk is the central gathering place for this lovely neighborhood. From the boardwalk, you can meet and celebrate, informally or at community events. Or stroll along the boardwalk and paths. Fishing, kayaking or canoeing are all yours.  Enjoy nature. Bolden Lake, touted as, “an extraordinary natural oasis in the heart of Riverside” is pristine.  We agree.

Ipe boardwalk at Bolden Park

Ipe hardwood decking adorns the boardwalk at Bolden Park

The design and construction here feature the work of many of the area’s most highly regarded architects and respected builders. The home designs in this luxurious neighborhood blend seamlessly with the historic styles of the area. Traditional towns like Savannah, Beaufort and nearby Charleston boast similar architecture. The lots here feature mature trees like Loblolly pine, Live oak and Palmettos.


 Check out this 1:26 You Tube video of the Ipe boardwalk at Bolden Park


A high emphasis on preserving green spaces and the natural environment is a signature element of the space planning.  Egrets and ducks, nested among the cat-o-nine tails are no strangers here.  Peaceful escapes along the meandering trails surrounding the lake. Connect with nature. 

Ipe boardwalk at Bolden Park closeupCloseup of Ipe boardwalk at Bolden Park

They selected Ipe hardwood decking for the boardwalk. And why not? Ipe hardwood is well known as a long-lasting and naturally beautiful decking material. Ipe decking is incredibly strong and stable. Ipe wood can easily withstand foot traffic and more for decades and longer.  Whether you are building a dock, marina, boardwalk or backyard deck, Ipe hardwood decking is an excellent option to consider.


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