Garapa Hardwood Deck Adds Outdoor Living Space and Value to Home

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When homeowners Bob Strohl and his wife Jodi needed to replace their old smaller porch-sized deck, they chose Garapa decking for its great looks, exceptional performance and affordable price. "We didn't want to use pressure treated decking boards. We wanted quality." When first considering hardwood decking, Bob thought, "I can't afford that." The Strohls were happy to learn that Garapa hardwood decking not only looks great, it met their budget needs, too.

The older pressure treated decking boards were tired looking and many were split, warped and some were rotting. It was time for a new deck…and the Strohls didn’t hold back. They replaced a small, weather worn deck with a major improvement to their home.

Small deteriorating deck before.jpgThe original deck was too cramped and the pressure treated deck boards were starting to fail

Their cozy home offers about 1,100 square feet of indoor living space. Now, the new deck provides an enormous 500 square feet increase of additional outdoor living space to their home. The new Garapa deck provides a sturdy, long lasting and beautiful area for rest, relaxation and outdoor enjoyment. 

New deck frame expanded for Garapa decking.jpgTheir new, much larger deck was framed out for the new Garapa hardwood decking

The original deck was too cramped and small for most activities. It mainly served as an area to grill, maybe a chair or two and room for the dogs to access the backyard. "We tried everything over the years. Nothing worked." Bob’s big hardwood deck provides all sorts of new options. Entertainment. Relaxation. Rest. Sitting out. Dining. Fresh air. Added value. Natural beauty.

Some folks say, “Go big or go home”.  The Strohls decided to go big and stay home.  Their new large deck features Garapa hardwood decking. Garapa is a fantastic all wood decking option. Garapa is very stable (limited expansion and contraction seasonally) and has a lighter ‘honey toned’ appearance initially. Mataverde Garapa decking has a 25 Year Limited Warranty against insects and decay and is more affordable and longer lasting than most composite decking options.

Garapa decking ready for on site acclimation.jpgThe Garapa decking has been unloaded and is ready to acclimate properly on site

Because this Garapa deck is about 18” to 30” or so off the ground, the design allows for adequate air flow on three sides to help minimize any ground side moisture concerns. The deck was expertly built by Zimmerman Roofing & Construction, LLC. According to company owner, Fred Zimmerman, he "really liked" working with the Garapa decking, "I didn't have to worry about breaking a lot of drill bits".  Fred used stainless steel deck screws for better holding power and additional stability.

Garapa decking face screwed for best fastening.jpgGarapa decking is honey-colored and has been face-screwed for extra strength

To help protect the deck boards, Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish for Hardwoods was used. Penofin enriches the natural wood tones and provides UV protection, while the new Garapa deck boards adjust to their new outdoor location.  Penofin or other UV inhibitive sealers are a critical success factor to help minimize surface checking. When the sealer wears off, it can be re-coated at any time…or the Garapa decking can then be allowed to weather naturally to a silver-gray patina.

Garapa deck, railing and steps with Penofin sealer.jpg

Garapa hardwood decking can create a beautiful outdoor backyard oasis

Why use Garapa hardwood decking? The Strohls chose Garapa decking because they wanted real wood, higher quality, lasting value to their home and affordability. Mataverde Garapa decking 'checked off all their boxes' and they have confidence that Mataverde is a reliable brand they can trust. 

And you can, too. Tired of being indoors? Build a beautiful deck and go outside and enjoy the fresh air, blue skies and wide-open space just a few feet outside your door.

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