Ipe and Garapa Wood Decking Create a Striking Design

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The rich warm tones of Mataverde Premium Ipe Hardwood Decking and Garapa Hardwood Decking add curb appeal and elegance to any exterior project. When the two wood species are featured together - the results are spectacular.

Garapa deck with Ipe trim

Garapa hardwood decking with Ipe for picture-framed edges


One New London County homeowner, Richard Priestley, artfully designed this residential deck using 5/4 x 6' honey colored Garapa wood decking boards and picture framed the project with darker auburn-toned 5/4 x 6' Ipe hardwood decking. Matching Ipe wood posts and railings further added further contrast to the striking overall effect.

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Homeowners like Mr. Priestley are often drawn to sustainable wood species like Ipe and Garapa for much more than their beauty. These hardwood decking species are some of the world's most durable woods. Time and again, their natural high density and insect-resistant qualities enable them to outlast and outperform their synthetic and wood competitors. And because they are low maintenance building materials, you can relax on your deck while your neighbor is hunched over painting, staining and refinishing theirs!

Basic hardwood deck picture frame with Garapa decking and Ipe decking borderGarapa decking abuts the Ipe decking picture at the top of the stairs

We are constantly impressed by our talented and creative customers. Please send us photos of your completed projects using any of our Premium Mataverde products. We would love to share your projects with other readers.  Or are you looking for some deck design ideas of your own?  Download our  deck design portfolio featuring 61 pages and over 150 pictures of unique of deck design ideas. 

If you would like to learn more about Ipe wood and Garapa wood we invite you to visit www.mataverdedecking.com.

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